iPad Air Case

Nov 8, 2013
iPad Air Cases

The fact that you are looking for the best Bluetooth iPad Air keyboard for use with the Pages app tells me two things right off the mark. The first is that you are a regular user of the iPad Air’s best word processor and the second is that you have come into difficulties when trying to use the touchscreen keyboard for the job.

Now, the main problem with writing extensive text documents on the iPad Air is that the touchscreen keys simply cannot keep up. Sure, they are responsive enough and very effective when you are entering a search term on Google, or you are writing a status update on Facebook or Twitter, but when you actually come down to doing some rapid typing, things begin to take a turn for the worse. The two main problems are that the keys are not a physical device, but are instead like typing on a pane of glass. Naturally, this looks fantastic, but the fact that you can never tell whether you have hit the right key or not without having to look at the actual Pages document can result in the typing experience being a matter of guesswork. This is especially the case when you increase the rate at which you are typing.

The second problem is purely down to how inaccurate we, as users, become once we hit a certain typing speed. When you are using the Pages app to type out large documents, whether they are university lecture notes, business seminar summaries or a homework project for school, these touchscreen issues can really begin to highlight themselves. Hitting the wrong key is all too common, along with accidentally missing out a few keys here and there as a result of your pace. I have also found that I keep hitting the “n” key as opposed to the space bar too when typing at speed, along with the list of random auto-corrections that the iPad Air seems to amuse itself in making throughout your document.

So what is the solution? Well, for me it had to be the Blurex D-Lux leather iPad Air case with Bluetooth iPad Air keyboard. This product features a full hard material keyboard incorporated within a sturdy and gorgeous leather case that will leave your tablet looking and typing impeccably.

The first major benefit is that full keyboard with hard keys. Now, I only emphasize the fact that this product has hard keys in respect of the vast number of similar wireless iPad Air keyboards that utilize a soft rubber material for their keys. After trying one out myself before investing in the D-Lux model, I found that I was still yearning for that laptop style typing experience. This is what made the Blurex so effective for me, since I could essentially transfer all my laptop typing skills right onto my iPad Air. The Bluetooth iPad Air keyboard also featured a fantastic set of shortcut keys that enabled me to cut the amount of time I would spend jumping between documents too. So when I needed to select all, cut, copy and paste, I could do so at the touch of a button. This was also great when I was citing references from online sources with my essay writing for my law degree.

On top of this fantastic keyboard, the whole package was fitted nicely inside this excellent quality leather iPad Air case that would keep both my tablet and the keyboard safe from damage when commuting. The case also folds out with a tilt function so that you can angle your tablet facing toward you and type just as you would with a laptop.

However, you should not just assume that this Blurex leather iPad Air case is just trying to emulate a laptop. I would always choose to type with my iPad Air over my laptop now and you know why? Simply because I always have the option to slip the tablet out of its case and use the touch screen whenever I please. This is what makes this iPad Air typing set up so appealing to me, since you can go from typing out a 12 page document on Pages, to playing a mean game of Angry Birds in 5 seconds flat.

So if you want that diversity in your tablet experience offered by a Bluetooth iPad Air keyboard and leather case combo, the only product you will need is the Blurex D-Lux.