iPad Air Case

Nov 8, 2013
iPad Air Cases

An iPad Air should be properly cared for, so make sure to have a new iPad Air case to go with your purchase of this amazing tablet. A good casing is the best protection you can provide your device against scratches, bumps, accidental falls, dust and spilled liquid. There are several designs and models available in the market that there should be something for everyone and for every iPad Air available right now.

Some of the most common makes of cases available for the iPad Air include silicone, leather, plastic, recycled materials and even carbon fiber. There are also various colors and designs to choose from. The designs double for functionality most of the time but some makers of casings do it with simplicity in mind.

The most simple of the iPad Air cases available in the market is the silicone case. Silicone is a rubber like material and is non-toxic. The rubber like feel of the case gives it the ability to be gripped easily; it offers more friction to the hand and reduces the chances of slipping. The iPad Air is shiny and smooth and it could easily slide off if not handled properly. Another important property of this type of casing is its ability to inhibit growth of microorganisms. The iPad Air being a touch screen device makes it prone to harbor and spread bacteria easily. The anti microbial growth property of silicon makes it a very good material for this purpose. The simplicity of the iPad Air silicone case design is also its biggest draw because it does not take away much from the original look of the tablet. This is ideal for tablet owners who want to maintain the iPad Air identity of their device. Scratches and small bumps that could cause dents on the surface of the device can also be effectively absorbed by the silicone material casing.

One disadvantage of the use of a simple silicone casing design is the lack of protection for the screen. The casing extends just a little bit from the sides of the device to form a margin on the front edges of the tablet and as a sort of bump absorber, most of the screen, however, is left exposed. It is best to pair this kind of casing with a screen protector to guard the delicate screen from accidental contact with rough materials that could cause scratches on the touch screen device. You may want to check out some resellers that offer silicone cases and screen protector combo sets. Others throw in a microfiber cloth to keep the screen smudge free.