Sony still hasn’t found a way to effectively infiltrate the Western phone market, but that doesn’t mean the Japanese powerhouse is giving up any time soon. Our friendly neighborhood leaker @evleaks has published two new photos of what he claims to be the upcoming flagship Xperia Z3 smartphone, a phone that at first glance could easily be mistaken for an Xperia Z2

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A closer look at the Xperia Z3, Sony’s next flagship smartphone

If you somehow missed out on all the code giveaways and couldn’t bring yourself to preorder the game, you’re in luck — the Destiny beta is now open to anyone with a active subscription on Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus as of 4pm PDT on Thursday. Bungie is basically conducting a stress test over the weekend by allowing everyone to join in the beta , so don’t be surprised if there are some issues on Friday night after everyone gets off work. The beta was already taken offline for an extended period of time earlier in the week for maintenance though, so hopefully the servers are prepared for a massive influx of Guardians.

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Everyone is now invited to play the Destiny beta

Google is far from being done searching for answers for some of your most pressing questions, including many surrounding health and the human body, The Wall Street Journal reveals . Baseline Study is a new Google X “moonshot” project that wants to look into the human body and find out exactly what makes us healthy so that the company can find new ways to improve our health.

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Next big moonshot project puts Google inside your body

Microsoft is far from beating Sony in the new gaming console war , but the company is reportedly ready to attack a huge market in the coming months. The Wall Street Journal has learned that the Xbox One maker will partner with China Telecom, the country’s most important fixed-line operator, to launch its latest console. Continue reading..

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Microsoft is ready to attack China with an exclusive Xbox One deal

It’s official: we have reached the peak of phablet insanity. Samsung on Friday unveiled the latest addition to its phablet lineup. While the device officially falls under Samsung’s “Tab” product family of tablets, you’ll notice that the Galaxy Tab Q is not like normal tablets

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Samsung just launched a 7-inch smartphone. 7… INCH… SMARTPHONE.

For many Xbox fans, the long-awaited announcement of Halo 2: Anniversary was a highlight of E3 2014 . No one ever doubted that Xbox classic would be remastered for the new generation, but it was an exciting announcement nevertheless, especially when coupled with the reveal of The Master Chief Collection

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This is what Halo 2 looks like on Xbox One

Wiper is a new smartphone app that will let you do something you may have wanted to do with certain drunk texts, and that’s delete them after the fact both on your phone as well as on the recipient’s handset. Spotted by Business Insider , Wiper is available for iOS and Android devices, where it acts almost like any other messaging app, allowing users to chat (text and voice), as well as send and receive media files

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This app will let you delete all your drunk texts once you sober up

It’s been a long time since Apple had anything to prove in the mobile world, but as iPhone iterations have become increasingly indistinguishable from one another, the Cupertino crew realized it might be time to catch up with the rest of the industry. And catch up they will — this year’s iPhone 6 display is expected to stretch to 4.7 inches and its phablet counterpart might feature an enormous 5.5-inch display. Continue reading..

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Massive increase in R&D spending suggests awesome new Apple products are on the way

A new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News  says that Apple will start mass-producing the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 , the second-generation iPad Air and the third-generation iPad mini in September, further confirming earlier stories on the matter. Continue reading..

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5.5-inch iPhone 6 and new iPads reportedly heading to production in September

In addition to explaining why Google actually needs the gorgeous new Material Design deployed on Android L, android apps and the web , Google’s Search design guru Jon Wiley talked during the same Reddit Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) session about the reasons why Google has to sometimes remove features from products, or products, even though some people may still be interested in using them. Continue reading..

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Why Google isn’t afraid to kill your favorite products