One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the iPhone 6 before its unveiling was whether or not the device would come with a scratch-proof sapphire display . Now that we know the new device won’t have a sapphire screen, the question becomes whether Apple ever intended to use sapphire on the device at all. Continue reading..

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BUMMER: Apple never planned to give your iPhone 6 a sapphire screen

The Internet has changed the way we shop for birthdays, holidays and just about every one of life’s big events. Given enough time, nearly any product from any corner of the world can be shipped to your doorstep, but when you have to depend on retailers and delivery services, sometimes things don’t go as planned . So if you’re one of the unfortunate souls who have had to make a disgruntled phone call on December 23rd, the latest FTC rules should warrant a sigh of relief.

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Late deliveries could be a thing of the past this holiday season

One surprise during Apple’s big event last week was that the company unveiled two new products… and neither of them contained the letter “i.” Although we expected Apple to show off its first-ever wearable computer at the event, we thought that it would be called either the iWatch or iBand and were a little surprised to see it labeled the Apple Watch . Similarly, Apple’s mobile payment platform was dubbed Apple Pay instead of iPay, which further signaled Apple might be moving in a different direction when it comes to branding

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Has Apple finally killed its famous ‘i’?

Apple may be preparing a massive Apple Watch launch for 2015, a new report from Digitimes  indicates, citing unnamed sources at LG Display. Apparently, Apple will order as many as 5 million AMOLED displays each month for the Watch, with sources revealing that Apple wants to sell as many as 50 million units next year.

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Samsung reportedly missing out on huge 50 million Apple Watch display deal

Over the past year, Samsung has announced a mind-numbing six different smartwatches that run on four different platforms and none of them so far have come close to being hits. This fact isn’t lost on Jeff Williams, who serves as Apple’s senior vice president for operations and who was chosen to be the project lead for the Apple Watch. In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek , Williams takes a dig at Samsung’s approach to flooding the market with gobs of different gadgets and hoping that one of them will manage to stick

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OUCH: Apple exec mocks Samsung’s ‘four or five’ watches that ‘nobody is wearing’

Even though Apple was late to announce its first smartwatch compared to its rivals and its Apple Watch  will hit stores only at some point next year, the company has been working on its wrist gadget for quite a long time, a new Bloomberg Businessweek profile on Apple reveals. Continue reading…

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Jony Ive explains why designing the Apple Watch was insanely difficult

Earlier this week, PayPal joined a long line of companies that sought to mock, belittle or bash Apple in marketing messages in an effort to promote competitive offerings. Focusing on the recent “Nudegate” scandal in which hundreds of nude photos and videos of celebrities were leaked as a result of iCloud breaches, Paypal posted a promotional note suggesting that because iCloud was hacked using brute force attacks, Apple’s new mobile payment service Apple Pay is not secure. It remains to be seen if PayPal’s efforts will yield any gains, but history is not on the company’s side

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Former exec bashes PayPal for bashing Apple

Apple has kept iPhone pricing in place rather than increase it for the iPhone 6 , even while offering more storage to users – in fact, the 64GB and 128GB iPhone 6 models purchased either on-contract or off-contract are cheaper than their corresponding predecessor – though it also introduced the more expensive iPhone 6 Plus versions this year. However, Apple appears to be paying a lot more than in previous years to make the handsets, a new Quartz report reveals. Continue reading…

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Why the iPhone 6 will give you more for your money than any previous model

Tired of watching unbalanced videos that you’ve shot on your Android phone?

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Here’s an brilliant video camera app that every Android fan should love

Whether you’re currently in the process of downloading iOS 8 or you’re trying to uncover all the hidden features that Apple didn’t highlight before release, you probably haven’t had a chance to try out many of the new third-party keyboards which have just begun to populate the App Store. Thankfully, MacRumors has put together a list of all the best keyboards for your perusal.

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These are the best third-party keyboards for iOS 8 on the App Store